American Star TRX250R, 400EX, LTZ400, KFX400, DVX400 4130 Chromoly +2 up 1 A-Arm Kits

American Star TRX250R, 400EX, LTZ400, KFX400, DVX400 4130 Chromoly +2 up 1 A-Arm Kits

American Star TRX250R, 400EX, LTZ400, KFX400, DVX400 4130 Chromoly +2 up 1 A-Arm Kits

American Star TRX 400EX PRO X +2 up 1 Chromoly Racing A-Arms Ships Immediately!

BE SURE YOU READ ALL OF THIS! Hello! So here we are faced with that big question again! How much is your life and safety worth? You look on eBay and you see several options to purchase A-Arms for your ATV. The first and the best set is $449.95 and available from AMERICAN STAR an all-American Utah based company. The second set sells for $299.95 to about $369.95. We are not sure where they are made. But we guess you could contact them and ask them. All AMERICAN STAR employees are team of highly qualified Fully Legal American Workers right here in Circleville, Utah. Good ole USA people making good American Money. Did you know that AMERICAN STAR was the very 1st company to ever offer new ATV A-Arms on eBay over 20 years ago! Since then Many have come and now most of them are gone! Well, here we are still on eBay with the same GREAT TRUE LIFETIME STRUCTURAL WARRANTY we started. We also offer a full 90 Day Warranty on all Moving normal wear and tear parts. Our competitor does not do that! If you bought a set of A-Arms from us 20 years ago we are still here to warranty that product. No other company can say that!

So here are some facts about AMERICAN STAR ATV RACING A-ARMS!

Materials used to manufacture an AMERICAN STAR A-ARM SET are sourced right here in the good ole USA!

All AMERICAN STAR ATV RACING A-ARMS are manufactured out of 4130 Chromoly .083 Wall Thickness Aircraft Grade Steel. This is 3 to 4 times stronger than standard seamless steel tubing. It is also because of its hardening process has memory that allows it to flex and not bend! All A-Arms and Tie rods in your kit are TIG Welded by professional certified welders.

All AMERICAN STAR ATV RACING A-ARMS are Fully Camber and Caster Adjustable. Our Competitors do not offer this option to you. Camber adjustment allows you to tip in the top of the tire so it does not roll over during hard cornering. Caster Adjustability allows you to slow or quicken your steering as well as adjust in more low or high speed stability.

All AMERICAN STAR ATV RACING A-ARMS Rod Ends and Racing Ball Joints are manufactured out of Super High Quality 4130 Chromoly Steel. Chassis side Rod Ends are lateral load rated at 16,200lbs. Our now famous 4130 Chromoly Racing Ball Joint (Available in our Pro-X Series A-Arms) is lateral load rated at 28,800lbs or for those of you that prefer a Sealed Ball Joint (Available on our MX Series A-Arms). We offer the only ¾ inch thick Ball Joints in the industry. All of our Ball Joints have the largest shaft in the industry. Safety First Always!