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Arctic Cat Wildcat Parts
Arctic Cat 1000 Wildcat Parts
Wildcat 1000 Tie Rod Upgrade
Wildcat 1000 Chromoly Tie Rod Ends
Ship Inside United States
Ship Inside United States
This Tie Rod Upgrade Kit Is manufactured Out of 4130
Chromoly Aircraft Grade Steel. Ours are 3 to 4 times stronger
than your stock Aluminum Tie Rods or other manufacturers
weak Mild Steel Kits. Another thing that sets our Tie Rods
apart from other manufacturers is that all of our Tie Rod Ends
are also manufactured out of 4130 Chromoly Alloy as well.
Making our ends stronger than anybody else's. In addition, we
also have a One Year Warranty on the tie rods and 90 days on
the ends. No other company offers that!
Part Needed
Part Needed

You are looking at a set of American Star (OEM) style  4130
Chromoly Tie Rod Ends. A Set Of Four (4) Tie Rod Ends.  Two
(2) Right Side Tie Rod Ends and Two (2) Left Side Ends. They
fit your stock OEM Tie Rods and all after market Tie Rods that
utilize your stock ends. With OEM stock replacement ends
running as much as 50.00 each per end, these ends are a
really outstanding deal! Manufactured out of 4130 Chromoly
Steel they are 3 times stronger than stock tie rod ends!
You are looking at American Stars Arctic Cat Wildcat
Replacement Front and Rear Wheel Bearings. These bearing
are a direct high quality replacement for your stock wheel
bearings at far less than half the cost! Available in singles or
on set of two or four you won't find a better deal anywhere!
Fits All Arctic Cat Wildcats.
Sport, Trail, XT, 4, 4LTD, 4X, GT, X & ALL Wildcat
700cc and 1000cc Models.
$19.95 ea
Wildcat Wheel Bearings
Wildcat Front&Rear Wheel Bearings
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Ship Inside United States
Wildcat 6061 Aluminum Tie Rods
Ship Inside United States
Ship Inside United States
Racing Tie Rods with 4130 Chromoly Tie Rod Ends For The
Arctic Cat Wildcat 1000 and Wildcat X (Fits all years and
models. These precision machined tie rods are 1 inch in
diameter which is 1/4 inch (.250) thicker than the Weak Arctic
Cat OEM Tie Rods. Ours also have a wrench flat for easy
adjustment and have a high quality Black Anodized Finish. The
Tie Rod Ends are 4 times stronger than the OEM ends and
manufactured out of 4130 Chromoly. Additionally the tie rods
have a Lifetime Warranty so they will be the last pair you buy!
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